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Zinc (which increases vitamin D in tissues) may both prevent and treat COVID-19

Vitamin D Life categories Virus and Zinc

Vitamin D Life categories Vitamin D Receptor and Zinc

Vitamin D Life categories Virus and Vitamin D Receptor

Zinc and Vitamin D category listing in Vitamin D Life has 51 items and other information
  • Like Vitamin D, Zinc
    • Can cost as little at 1 cent per day
    • Can be quickly restored


Magnesium and Virus

Vitamin and Mineral (including Zinc) concentrate to both prevent and treat COVID-19

Proposed by VitaminDWik- ~ April 2020
Note: Zinc must be taken multiple times a day
Vitamin And Mineral Water For COVID 19

Additional ways to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos
Contents as of Nov 9:

  • 33 trials, 2 trial results, 30 observations, 11 recommendations, 35 associations, 74 speculations, 26 videos
Top Vitamin D and COVID-19 recent updates

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Search Google Scholar for COVID-19 Vitamin D 20,000 publications Oct 10, 2020

Vitamin D clinical trials for COVID-19


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