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Obesity pandemic since 1975 - is it due to Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iodine, adenovirus, or what

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Obesity pandemic may become a very big thing

from: http://www.iuns.org/features/obesity/obesity.htm

Relative Overweight and Obesity Change around the world (BMI >25)

Probably not much fast-food in rural areas - which are putting on weight faster than urban areas
from Global nutrition transition and the pandemic of obesity in developing countries, Barry M Popkin, Linda S Adair, and Shu Wen Ng, 2011

What changes around the world have occurred since the mid 1970's which might have contributed to the obesity pandemic

Global deficiency now of items 1-3

  1. Vitamin D - perhaps a 4X decrease
    12 recent reasons for vitamin D deficiency and 14 others
  2. Magnesium - perhaps a 2X decrease
    above link has 7 reasons for decreased Magnesium
  3. Iodine - perhaps a 2X decrease
    Less iodine in milk and flour; less use of table salt; increased use of bromine and fluoride - both of which block iodine in the blood
  4. Adenovirus-36 an increase - unknown how much and when
    symptoms of a several day cold or sore throat - but stays; WikiPedia
    (Contacted the Adenovirus/Obesity company Feb 2012: they do not have the data)

There do not appear to be GLOBAL changes in other factors often associated with obesity

Exercise, too many calories, wheat, reduced fiber, Calcium, Corn Syrup, fast food

See also Vitamin D Life


from http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5837a9.htm

Items in both categories Obesity nd Virus are listed here:

See also

Possible causes: Magnesium, Vitamin D, Iodine, Wheat, Fiber, Sugar, Corn Syrup by Vitamin D Deficiency Survivor]
Obesity and Iodine: Attached to bottom of this page
Unconventional ideas about Obesity : Attached to bottom of this page

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