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Randomized Controlled Trials for Vitamin D and COVID-19


Ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby - take Vitamin D before conception

Start Vitamin D soon if pregnant VDW 9923

Vitamin D is the 3rd best way to improve your health (but the most cost-effective)

Importance to Health VDW10426

Vitamin D blood test misses a lot due to genes

Blood Test Misses a lot (VDW 3439)

No Vitamin D benefit if too small of dose for too short of time

X = mental health trials which failed to show a benefit

Back/leg pain lasted 1 year longer if low vitamin D


Meta-meta analysis of Vitamin D

Vitamin D- 137 studies

Influenza -A infections half as often in children if got even 1200 IU of Vitamin D – RCT


Variety of evidence that Vitamin D helps the BRAIN


Death rate 2X higher - even for non-elderly


Obese need 2.5X more vitamin D


  • Normal weight     Obese     (50 ng = 125 nanomole)

Click here to see the 2014 study

Many ways to increase Vitamin D


Vitamin D levels around the world - 2014


Map of Vitamin D levels - 2001


400,000 IU loading dose: feel the benefits in < 7 days

Response with 400,000 IU loading dose @ is.gd/7DayVitD

Pre-term birth costs $51,800 (vs. very little vitamin D to prevent one: 10% of births are pre-term)


$10,000 higher VA hospital costs if have low Vitamin D

VA found less testing for vitamin D resulted in increased health costs – Jan 2012

Huge decrease in many pregnancy problems as increase vitamin D

Pregnancy problems reduced GRH 2015

Huge decrease in many health problems as increase vitamin D

derived from Grassroots 2013

35,000 IU reduced Psorasis


Evolution seems to indicate a vitamin D level of 45-60 ng

Vitamin D vs Race at is.gd/vitD_race

Risk Factors for Vitamin D Deficiency


Many Vicious loops: low D ==> diseases ==> lower D


Reductions before Vitamin D gets to the cells

Reductions in Vitamin D is.gd/VitDReductions

AVERAGE vitamin D responses (about half get vitamin D below the average)


Recommendations around the world

see wikipage http://www.vitad.org/tiki-index.php?page_id=3057

High percentage of populations have < 20 ng

see wikipage: http://www.vitad.org/tiki-index.php?page_id=2533

Is Toxic only if take a LOT of vitamin D for many weeks

Graph of dose vs week

Less sun ==> Less Vitamin D ==> Less Health

Less Sun Less D Less Health

Seniors get less benefit from UV


Variability between results from blood on same type of tester

Easily get 5 ng difference between readings
Is the true value 48 nmol -1090 tests @ /is.gd/vitd1090

Incidence of 22 health problems related to vitamin D have doubled in a decade
contains many graphs of increase of diseases, such as

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