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Vitamin D fights all phases of Influenza

  • Children should take less, proportional to weight
    • Example: 25,000 IU if child weighs 75 lbs, 12,000 IU if child weighs 35 lbs
  • Take the single dose once a week to get a vitamin D response which peaks
  • Best taken with evening meal (stays in the gut longer)

Unpacking The "Science" Behind the Annual Vaccination Scam - Oct 2023

Mid Western Doctor - substack

Grand Challenge - stop another flu pandemic - Gates Foundation, April 2018

More about Vitamin D

Response to large doses of vitamin D

Vitamin D and Influenza on Vitamin D Life

Cold and Flu reduction @ is.gd/VitDColdFlu

Influenza -A infections half as often in children getting 1200 IU of vitamin D – RCT Jan 2018

Flu web before 2018

Flu web Jan 2018

This Flu Season Is the Worst in Nearly a Decade - Jan 26, 2018 New York Times

  • "It is now on track to equal or surpass that of the 2014-2015 flu season. In that year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates,
    34 million Americans got the flu,
    710,000 were hospitalized and about
    56,000 died."
  • "According to the C.D.C.’s weekly FluView, 6.6 percent of all patients visiting doctors now have flu symptoms. The 2014-2015 season peaked at 6 percent, while the 2009 “swine flu” season peaked at 7.7 percent."


Questions and Answers About This Year’s Flu Season New York Times Jan 18, 2018

  • "This season is closely paralleling the 2014-2015 season, which was dominated by the same H3N2 flu strain and was also “moderately severe.”"
  • "Almost 6 percent of all Americans seeking medical care now have flu symptoms. "
    "The 2014-15 and 2012-13 flu seasons also peaked at close to 6 percent. "
  • "Even in a mild year, flu kills about 12,000 Americans, the C.D.C. estimates. In a bad year, it kills up to 56,000."
  • "The shot’s efficacy here has not yet been calculated because the virus is still spreading, but experts expect it to be about 30 percent."

The Perfect Storm Behind This Year's Nasty Flu Season - Jan 2018, The Atlantic

  • "And in the week ending January 6, 22.7 out of every 100,000 hospitalizations in the U.S. were for flu—twice the number of the previous week"
  • "The dominant circulating strain this year is H3N2, which hits humans harder than other strains. Scientists don’t really know why, but flu seasons where H3N2 have dominated in the past have tended to be worse"
  • "Second, the vaccine. This year’s vaccine was only 10 percent effective against the problematic H3N2 strain in Australia"
  • "This does not mean that the flu vaccine this year is useless. It still protects against other strains of flu such as H1N1 and B virus, and it provides at least some immunity to H3N2."

The Shocking Lack of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines - Jan 2018 GreenMed Info

  • "For example, here is the conclusion of the review titled, "Vaccines for preventing seasonal influenza and its complications in people aged 65 or older," "
    ""The available evidence is of poor quality and provides no guidance regarding the safety, efficacy or effectiveness of influenza vaccines for people aged 65 years or older."

There have been virtually no safety studies for single vaccines, and no safety study for multiple vaccines given in the same year
The article refers the reader to Vitamin D Life for more information

Flu web Feb 2018

Study shows < 6 months of age most at risk of flu death - Feb 2018
Reporting on a study in Pediactrics
Of those that died, "about 65% died within 7 days of symptom onset."
Note: The word sepsis does not occur once in the report or abstract. The study is behind a paywall,, 10.1542/peds.2017-2918

Increased flu deaths probably due to Sepsis

See Vitamin D Life Vitamin D reduces Sepsis duration and death
Note: Apparently only Vitamin D does all of the following
1) Prevents the Flu, 2) Treats the Flu, 3) Prevents and Treats Sepsis
Has the following chart: Severe sepsis increased 3.5X in a decade

Tamiflu: expensive, little benefit, variety of side effects - Jan/Feb 2018

  • "The CDC and the World Health Organization recommend the drug as effective. The FDA and the European Medicines Agency approve Tamiflu for the treatment and prevention of flu. Tamiflu can lessen symptoms and make flu illness one to two days shorter, the CDC says"
  • Cochrane review of Tamilfu - April 2014
    "The review confirms small benefits on symptom relief, namely shortening duration of symptoms by half a day on average. However, there is little evidence to support any belief that use of NIs reduces hospital admission or the risk of developing confirmed pneumonia. The evidence also suggests that there are insufficient grounds to support the use of NIs in preventing the person-to-person spread of influenza."
  • Tamiflu Is An Effective Flu Treatment, Still Has Side Effects: Study Jan 2015
    "drug increased side effects, such as nausea (3.7 percent) and vomiting (4.7 percent)."
    "Also, you should know that Tamiflu is expensive. A 5-day course of the drug will cost at least $100.
  • Tamiflu and Abnormal Behavior GreenMed Info Feb 2018
    "Why NEVER to take Tamiflu" Many of the scientific papers were written by the big-pharma company producing the product
    2009 "meta-analysis showed that there was no significant evidence that Tamiflu reduced influenza symptoms or complications – the only possible positive association was that Tamiflu might decrease the length of time people exhibited symptoms by a few hours.14 Further, the reanalysis found that Tamiflu increased nausea."
    "A 2011 Japanese study found that those diagnosed with influenza had an almost six fold increased risk of deteriorating and dying within twelve hours of receiving Tamiflu."

Web Feb 2018

The Flu Vaccine Is Working Better Than Expected, C.D.C. Finds NYT Feb 15

  • "..25 percent effective against the H3N2 strain of flu that is causing most illnesses and deaths..."
  • ".. 51 percent effective in children.."
  • "..studies like the C.D.C.’s suggest that flu shots do a better job of preventing death than preventing sniffles and aches.."

CDC effectivness data up to Feb 3, 2018

The CDC's Fictional Flu Death Stats and Tamiflu's Lethal Side Effects GreenMedInfo Feb 14, 2018

  • "“CDC’s strategy to use fear to ramp up flu vaccine sales ­­­­requires the agency to exaggerate both flu risks and vaccine efficacy. Pharmaceutical companies and public health officials vastly overstate flu cases and deaths in order to market influenza “as a threat of great proportions.” Simple fact-checking shows that since October 2017, only 14.7% of the almost 447,000 “flu” specimens tested by clinical laboratories working with CDC have tested positive for influenza"
  • Speculates that many of the FLU deaths are realy deaths due to the use of Tamiflu or the Flu vaccine
  • Rat studies found 100X increase in Tamiflu in infant's brains vs adult brains - blood-brain barrier had not yet been developed

~30X more seniors now dying of flu than children

Daiy Mail -about Australia
Also: Seniors get far less protection from the flu by vaccines

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