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2017 Flu in Australia was bad and 79,000 died in US, 2019 Flu in Australia was worse (get flu shot AND Vitamin D)

Australia Just Had a Bad Flu Season. That May Be a Warning for the U.S. New York Times

In 2017, a terrible flu season in Australia presaged an American outbreak in which 79,000 died. Experts advise getting the shot soon.

  • “This year’s Australian outbreak began in April, two months earlier than usual, and persisted into October.”
  • “… flu triggers even more deaths from pneumonia, sepsis, heart attack and other illnesses”
  • “Most flu vaccines are still grown in fertilized eggs and that process, he said, consumes 900,000 eggs a day and takes more than six months.”

Flu in Vitamin D Life starts with

Vitamin D fights all phases of Influenza

~30X more seniors now dying of flu than children

Daiy Mail -about Australia

WA flu deaths double within a week as influenza disease notifications spike to new high June 2019

Chart is for Notifications, not deaths

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