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Zika “swat team” in Miami – 12 people to cover 2,000 square miles – June 2016

Only a Dozen Inspectors Stand Between Zika and Miami Bloomberg

  • With no federal funding the “swat team” is only able to clear the property of current mosquitoes of people who are currently suspected of having Zika infection.
  • Primarily by removing locations of standing water and use of larvicide
  • They rarely deal with possible mosquitoes in property of neighbors
  • They appear to be unaware that the Zika mosquito does not lay eggs in standing water like most other mosquitoes.
  • “Leave out the birth defects and Zika is mild compared with Dengue, which can kill, and Chikungunya, which causes victims to hunch over in pain”
  • Note - Miami county has a ban on spraying mosquitos as doing so would upset the ecosystem.
    This may be nullified by the state law
  • Note: New mosquitos are hatched several times a month, but the “swat team” does not have funding for bi-weekly visits
  • 1 "swat team" member per 200,000 population in county
    Brazil has 1 person by 1,000 population in country (220,000 troups for population of 200 million)
  • 200X fewer "boots on the ground" to fight the enemy in the US
  • Eggs laid “. . in the well at the bottom of the leaves of a bromeliad . . “

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