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Vitamin D could knock out COVID-19 in 3 months – Dr. Matthews interview Oct 2020

Interview Oct 5, 2020


Get To Know Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews
Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews is an internationally recognized and Award-Winning Surgeon. He launched a new campaign to educate the global community of the benefits of daily intake of Vitamin D. Dr. Matthews has revolutionized the use of "high-dose" vitamin D in the frontline treatment of coronavirus and other diseases of chronic illnesses such as traumatic brain injuries, heart attacks, strokes, concussions, ventilator associated pneumonias, sepsis, ARDS, and infections. A former Mayo Clinic trained fellow and Senior Associate Consultant (SAC), former professor of clinical surgery, and a former director of surgical critical care and trauma surgery, Dr. Matthews is no stranger to saving critical lives with cutting edge vitamin D research.
Recognized for his remarkable service, Dr. Matthews was inducted into the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine which includes Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Prince William, Prince Charles, Edwin Jenner, and other top researchers and scientists in the field of medicine. This elite group (the Genius Group) includes British royalty and some of the brightest physicians, scientists, and researchers in the world. Dr. Matthews' name was engraved on the Glass Wall of Honor (the Genius Group) in March of 2019.
Dr. Matthews has spoken nationally and internationally regarding his patented treatment of vitamin D in extreme trauma. Some of the organizations that have requested his expertise are: The Center of Disease Control, The U.S. Food & Drug Administration, The United Nations, Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Army. His expertise has been sought after especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Dr. Matthews's research has proven that with the proper intake of Vitamin D daily one can reduce hospital stays, hospital costs, and mortality rates in coronavirus and other chronic diseases of aging.
Dr. Matthews has evidence that the proper usage of Vitamin D can also reverse symptoms in an effected Covid-19 patient which can avoid ICU and/or death. Dr. Matthews was the first to be awarded a US Patent for Treatment of Vitamin D3 for Concussions & Traumatic Brain injuries in 2019.
Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews is celebrated as one of the “Top Vitamin D Experts in the World,” Dr. Matthews served as a faculty member at the Mayo Clinic, and soon thereafter, as a senior associate consultant in the department of trauma, critical care, and general surgery before recently retiring.
Dr. Matthews believes he was preordained to become a Doctor. When he had an abscess on his knee at the age of four, A famous doctor drained it for him and said, "this is going to hurt a little." Dr. Matthews said, "that's ok, when I'm older, I am going to cut on people too!" Dr. Matthews knew he was going to be a surgeon since then and especially coming from a long line of family members in the medical field, it was meant to be.
He has a huge passion for advocating for daily Vitamin D intake. I had the pleasure to speak with him and obtain lots of vital information that I am so honored to share with you all. Vocal readers, please enjoy our interview!

Tammy Reese:
How do you think we are doing as a country tackling the pandemic?

Dr. Matthews:
I think we could be doing better because some great opportunities have been missed. Also, people need to really listen more to health care experts because they have been on point. Pandemics are bad, I don't think people fully understand pandemics. If you research pandemics you will find out that pandemics have lasted between 1 and 21 years. Pandemic means world wide, so it's not the common cold, and it's not the flu. This is something, unlike anything we've ever seen.
First people thought it would go away in the summer time, it got worst in the summer. They said it wouldn't attack African Americans but it's wiping out people of color. It's basically due to low Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D builds up your immune system. If you have a weak immune system your body can not fight off anything.

Below is a 15-minute audio file of Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews discussing the importance of Daily Vitamin D intake. Please listen.
Listen to Dr. Matthews discuss the pandemic and elaborate more about Vitamin D daily intake with me by clicking here

Tammy Reese:
During your retirement what have you been working on?

Dr. Matthews:
I still travel around nationally doing power point presentations to educate people about vitamin D deficiency. Also, I've been doing TV and radio talk shows, and other media interviews to get the word out about this worldwide problem (Vitamin D deficiency) which I know on a global scale I can knock out in 3 months.
I'm an avid reader, I love reading and I love learning. I'm always educating myself on how to make things better. I was put here to make things better from a medical stand point.

Tammy Reese:
Additionally to Vitamin D intake, what advice would you give people of color to take their health more seriously?

Dr. Matthews:
Eat a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, exercise, and try to keep your weight down. Get proper rest, try to not stress, and worry so much. Keep up to date on the latest news that has all the CDC guidelines such as social distancing, and wearing your mask while in public. Don't celebrate with large amounts of people during the holidays. Keep your gatherings small.
We're social creatures by nature and alcoholism is rising during this time, so try to limit your alcohol intake and stop smoking if you currently do because it's easier to get coronavirus if you smoke. It's bad anyway. Domestic violence is also going up. Try to avoid conflict and solve your problems reasonably. Get your vitamin D levels checked once a year.

Tammy Reese:
What is some advice you would have for anyone who wants to get into the medical field and become a Doctor?

Dr. Matthews:
Have interest, commitment, dedication, and patience. You have to be people oriented unless you are not dealing with people directly so you can communicate effectively. Understand that everyone is not on the same education level as you. Doctors lose people when they don't break things down and explain things in a way that others who have no medical background can understand. Also, your patient will have a variety of interests, you will have to connect with the whole person, not just on a medical level, but also on a spiritual and emotional level too. You will have to have a life long commitment to reading. and learning and have discipline. Medical school is really not hard. Sometimes you are reading 4-6 hours a day. You will have good days and bad days, somedays you may not feel like reading or studying. So you have to like to learn and read or it's not the profession for you.

Dr. Matthews has researched and published many vitamin D deficiency manuscripts, developed a protocol for the use of vitamin D and other nutrients for the sickest patients in the surgical intensive care unit at his hospital. He has also contributed numerous articles that have been published in the following journals: such as the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine; the Journal of the American College of Surgeons; the American Surgeon; the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine; and the Journal of National Medical Association.

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