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Reduce Coronavirus risk with Vitamin D (50,000 IU once a week)

Vitamin D has been scientifically proven to successfully prevent and/or treat many viruses, including 5 coronaviruses similar to COVID-19.
Take a single dose of at least 50,000 IU of Vitamin D weekly for prevention during the time of the threat,
   and an additional 50,000 IU immediately upon experiencing symptoms.

All statements about Vitamin D below are backed by scientific studies, most of which are randomized control trials.

Henry Lahore, a retired Boeing engineer, founded Vitamin D Life in 2010 - it now has 10,000+ Vitamin D studies, which can be read and searched in 108+ languages. The COVID-19 page on Vitamin D Life has news, maps, studies, reasons why Vitamin D will help, etc.
Henry co-authored a paper March 5 on Coronavirus and Vitamin D.
Henry has been asked to advise on a study concerning the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 with megadoses of Vitamin D in China.

Active Vitamin D in the body acts like a hormone that is used by every single cell.
Vitamin D is especially good at fortifying the immune system - in fact, it is a vital part of our normal defense against disease.
Vitamin D has been proven by randomized controlled trials to prevent/treat at least 30 diseases, including viral infections..
Vitamin D can prevent or treat the common cold and Influenza, and 5 coronaviruses. For example, there is a 7X less risk of influenza for people who have tested blood levels of Vitamin D higher than 30 ng/ml.
It is too soon for study results for Vitamin D and COVID-19, but it is reasonable to expect that Vitamin D will have a similar impact on it as on other coronaviruses.
Vitamin D is produced in the skin by exposure to the sun; people who spend a lot of time outdoors have greater immunity. For example, in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, patients were 3 times less likely to die if they had daily exposure to the sun (Lancet).

Vitamin D can, of course, be taken as a supplement.
Vitamin D is the only supplement that can quickly fight coronaviruses.
Unlike most supplements, Vitamin D acts quickly in the body. For example, a single 50,000 IU dose of Vitamin D can prevent the flu for a week, and even stop the flu in 3 days.
One 50,000 IU dose, the same amount of Vitamin D as you would get on a 4-5 day sunny vacation, should be enough to prevent or stop COVID-19 in a healthy Caucasian adult of normal weight.
People who are Obese, seniors, having dark skins or compromised immune systems need to take at least twice a much Vitamin D.
Children need smaller doses - proportional to the weight of 180 lb adult. For example: a 90 lb child would get 1/2 as much.
Vitamin D is not only safe to take while pregnant, but is actually extremely beneficial for the mom and her baby.

You should take 50,000 IU weekly during the pandemic.
If you should experience flu, colds or COVID-19 symptoms, immediately take 50,000 IU. Don't wait for COVID-19 test results.
Weekly dosing of 50,000 IU will get the Vitamin D levels to > 40 ng on a weekly basis - enough to fight a virus and eliminate the symptoms in 3 days.
A single high dose pushes Vitamin D levels over 40 ng for only a few days - during which time the immune system is fortified.
But daily dosing (say, of 4,000 IU) will not result in > 40 ng level before 3-4 months.

Even much larger doses than 50,000 IU have been proven both safe and effective for most people. In fact, Henry will be involved in a study using a single dose of 600,000 IU.
Vitamin D increases the effectiveness of most drugs. This is not a problem for most prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, but you do not want to take a 50,000 IU dose if, say, you are on chemotherapy. If Chemo is not reduced it could be fatal.
By the way, If you have not already gotten a flu shot, don't do it now, whether or not you are taking Vitamin D, because the current flu vaccine increases your chance of getting a coronavirus, such as COVID-19, by 36% ( Lancet).
You may want to adjust two nutrients when taking a lot of Vitamin D:
    1) Get at least 100 mg of magnesium daily to prevent itchy skin - about 3 in 1,000 people get itchy skin when taking Vitamin D.
    2) Reduce the amount of calcium - Vitamin D increases the calcium uptake by the gut.
Note: Large doses of Vitamin D can cause hypercalcemia after many months if standard inorganic calcium supplements such as calcium carbonate are taken, but plant-based calciums such as Red Mineral Algae can be safely taken with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D Life has produced a 5-minute video: Does Less Sun mean More Disease which is available in multiple languages.
Two YouTube videos were made in March 2020 on the benefits of Vitamin D for COVID-19:
         Vitamin D and immunity Dr. Campbell 750,000 Views as of March 20
        Coronavirus Epidemic Update 30: ... Vitamin D May Aid Prevention MedCram 470,000 Views as of March 20

It is best to take Vitamin D with dinner - about 50% more vitamin D gets into the blood when it stays in the small intestine for a long time before the next meal.
To get even better prevention and treatment from Vitamin D you can increase the initial dose size - up to 600,000 IU (with perhaps 5 times benefit), then continue with weekly 50,000 IU doses.
30% of people will greatly increase Vitamin D getting to their cells by taking receptor activators, such as Resveratrol or Quercetin.
People with poor Vitamin D receptors have a 50% higher risk of virus infection.
While Vitamin C helps in many ways, it does not prevent and doesn't appear to treat COVID-19.
Pneumonia Risk, intensity, and mortality are all associated with low vitamin D.
There are different forms of vitamin D available for people with a poor gut, poor liver, or are vegan, can't swallow capsules, etc.
The Coronavirus Is Not Causing Deaths- - Weak Immune Systems Are Sardi March 20
  He recommends 50,000 IU of vitamin D once a day for 3-5 days followed by 8,000 IU daily
A single bottle of vitamin D should help many people (family and friends) fight coronavirus, influenza for many months.

Spend time outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, especially when you can generate vitamin D and also kill virus (when your shadow is shorter than you are).
Buy home UVC air purifiers - for 5 years I have used Germ Guardians - $43 each - virtually silent.

Your local grocery store, pharmacy, Wal-Mart, etc. will typically sell bottles with 2,000-10,000 IU capsules
Amazon (US) has >700 suppliers of bottles wtih 5,000 IU capsules
Amazon (US) has >7 suppliers of bottles with 50,000 IU capsules
I prefer the Bio-Tech Pharmacal brand with 50,000 capsules
    GreenVits - in the UK has a limited supply of sample bottles of 4,000 IU capsules of Vitamin D3, £ 6 covers shipping and handling. contact rufus at greenvits.eu

Fight Coronavirus by taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D once a week.  Details: https://is.gd/COVID19D

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