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Zika birth defect list just got longer - June 2016

List of Possible Zika Birth Defects Grows Longer Scientific American, June 24

"Research to be presented next week at a teratology conference in San Antonio, Texas, suggests that

  • serious joint problems,
  • seizures,
  • vision impairment,
  • trouble feeding and
  • persistent crying

can be added to the list of risks from Zika exposure in the womb."

Of the babies with birth defects

"10 % of the 83 babies had knee or elbow joint limitations so severe that the infants cannot fully extend their arms or legs"

"Another 43 percent of the babies had less-pronounced joint problems that impeded finger or toe motion, or the babies had other limb abnormalities like clubfeet. "

"And half of the babies had seizures and abnormal eye exams."

"Notably, mothers infected with Zika late in their pregnancies tended to have babies with relatively less-serious side effects: The children more often had developmental delays including trouble sitting up, as well as seizures instead of microcephaly and significant brain calcifications, "

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