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Zika birth defects may not be noticed for a year – Sept 2016

Zika Virus Damage Can Mislead Parents, Experts Say NBC News

  • Examples of wrong behavior: Crawling at 2 months, tiny infant sits straight up when her foot is tickled
  • “The reflexes making these young infants seem so developmentally accelerated come from the brain stem, and they are supposed to stop a few weeks after birth.”
  • “What's becoming clear is that Zika's hallmark birth defect — microcephaly — is only the most obvious symptom. As babies damaged by Zika infection get to four months, six months, a year old, more problems are showing up”
  • “Many also have terrible, painful reflux — caused when food and stomach acid bubble up into the esophagus. It's being caused because the infants are not suckling properly, using the reflex instead of coordinated sucking, she said.”
  • “In addition, some babies born looking normal have regressed, Van der Linden said. "At birth, they were normal. Head circumference was normal. But now they have microcephaly," she said.”

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