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Zika insecticide Naled kills millions of bees too - Sept 2016

Aimed at Zika Mosquitoes, Spray Kills Millions of Honeybees New York Times

Dorchester County (S.C.) employee failed to mention the spaying to commercial and amateur beekeepers

  • " . .federal officials have said the chemical can be harmful to honeybees while also posing brief risks to aquatic invertebrates and terrestrial wildlife."
  • "“If you’re killing honeybees, you’re killing a lot of other non-honeybee pollinators, too, and those populations could take a long time to recover.”"

Note: The Zika mosquito is not flying while the planes are spraying Naled. It naps during the day, flying and biting only in morning and evening. Bees. however, fly during the day

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  • Naled at Toxipedia
    " . . it is "very highly toxic to lake trout; highly toxic to rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and catfish; and moderately toxic to sunfish, minnow, and bass"
    "Naled is moderately to highly toxic to many bird species especially Canadian geese "
  • The Feds Almost Used A Pesticide That’s Harmful To Pregnant Women To Combat Zika In Puerto Rico Huffingpost June
    But Florida, South Carolina, etc are using the insecticide Naled that Puerto Rico rejected
    "Those most at risk to its effects are pregnant women, Sass said, meaning Naled would damage the neurological development of fetuses. Sass added that recent studies have shown spraying pesticides in the same chemical class as Naled, even at “legally allowed exposure” levels, is “definitely not safe during early brain development.”"
  • NALED E X T O X N E T , Cornell Univ.
    "Naled is toxic to most types of aquatic life (8). Some species are especially sensitive to naled (fathead minnow, bluegill, and mosquito fish) "
  • NALED Wikipedia
    "Naled is considered highly toxic to bees, as well as being moderately to highly toxic to birds and toxic to most aquatic life . . "
  • http://nospray.org/naled-insecticide-fact-sheet/
    "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has written that “adulticiding, application of chemicals to kill adult mosquitoes by ground or aerial applications, is usually the least efficient mosquito control technique"
    " . . researchers from the New York Department of Health showed that 11 years of naled spraying was “successful in achieving short-term reductions in mosquito abundance, but populations of the disease-carrying mosquito of concern “increased 15-fold over the 11 years of spraying
    Hmmm: 11 years of naled INCREASED mosquito population 15 fold
    Noting the previous items - perhaps Naled killed the NY mosquito fish which normally eat the mosquito larva
  • Zika Spraying Enriches Chemical Companies While Endangering Public Health Mercola Sept 2016
    "Naled is banned in the European Union . . . "
    Duet contains two pyrethroid pesticides, Sumithrin and Prallethrin, plus a synergistic compound called piperonyl butoxide (PBO), which boosts the effectiveness of the former two. Sumethrin is an endocrine disruptor, neurotoxin and likely carcinogen, and PBO has been shown to be harmful to the fetal brain, causing "profound developmental defects in children exposed in utero."
    "In another study, exposure topyrethroids during the third trimester increased the chances of the child having autism by 87 percent"
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