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Zika in New York City - majority had recently been in the Dominican Republic - June 2016

Travelers to Dominican Republic Lead New York City in Positive Zika Tests NY Times

  • 233 tested positive for Zika in NYC
  • Recent places In order of popularity
    120 Dominican Republic
    20 Puerto Rico
    14 Guyana
  • "From Jan. 19 to June 24, 3,906 people were tested. Of the 233 who were found to have Zika, 95 were residents of the Bronx, 52 of Manhattan, 47 of Queens and 39 of Brooklyn."
  • 'There are hundreds of pregnant women with Zika in the Dominican Republic, and with each week hundreds of new cases are discovered. In Puerto Rico, the situation is just as dire."

Note: Suspect some are women from Dominican Republic coming to New York to have their baby

see Zika pregnant women from Latin American giving birth in US – costing the US perhaps a million dollars each – June 2016

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