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Zika communications gets 1.5 million dollars from Gates Foundation (still nothing for prevention by Vitamin D) – May 2016

Zika risk communication, community engagement focus of new prevention efforts by CDC, CDC Foundation, PAHO in U.S. Territories and the Americas

  • “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting these efforts, which include a comprehensive health campaign on Zika prevention and surveys on risk perception and knowledge gaps in the Americas, as well as community engagement on mosquito control especially to protect pregnant women from Zika. These initiatives will be funded by a $1.5 million grant to the CDC Foundation and PAHO.”

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Quick estimate of cost to prevent some/many/most/all Zika birth defects

  • 400 million people live in Zika affected countries
  • 4 million pregnancies in those countries (10 pregancies annually per 1,000 population)
  • 1 million of those pregnancies will be near Zika infected regions (1 in 4)
  • $10 pays for enough vitamin D for an entire pregnancy
  • $10 million per year
    Does not include communication, distribution, additional Vitamin D needed by Obese, etc, possible co-factors
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