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Vitamin D does not prevent all viral infections (enveloped virus not mentioned) – Jan 2019

The interplay between vitamin D and viral infections

Reviews in Medical Virology https://doi.org/10.1002/rmv.2032
Majid Teymoori‐Rad Fazel Shokri Vahid Salimi Sayed Mahdi Marashi

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Many viruses can apparently be dealt with by:

  1. Vaccination (if avaiable & affordable and person is willing to have the side-effects - which can include death)
  2. Getting Vitamin D into your blood
  3. Increasing the vitamin D actually getting to cells Magnesium, Omega-3, Resveratrol, etc

Especially enveloped viruses", Herpes, Zoster, Epstein, Hepatitis, Ebola, Dengue, Yellow fever, Measles, Mumps, smallpox

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Positive vs Negative (Have not looked at the studies to see how much vitamin D was given)

Only a few of the columns in the table

The pleiotropic role of vitamin D has been explored over the past decades and there is compelling evidence for an epidemiological association between poor vitamin D status and a variety of diseases. While the potential anti‐viral effect of vitamin D has recently been described, the underlying mechanisms by which vitamin D deficiency could contribute to viral disease development remain poorly understood. The possible interactions between viral infections and vitamin D appear to be more complex than previously thought. Recent findings indicate a complex interplay between viral infections and vitamin D, including the induction of anti‐viral state, functional immunoregulatory features, interaction with cellular and viral factors, induction of autophagy and apoptosis, and genetic and epigenetic alterations. While crosstalk between vitamin D and intracellular signalling pathways may provide an essential modulatory effect on viral gene transcription, the immunomodulatory effect of vitamin D on viral infections appears to be transient. The interplay between viral infections and vitamin D remains an intriguing concept, and the global imprint that vitamin D can have on the immune signature in the context of viral infections is an area of growing interest.

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