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The CDC recommendations for Zika prevention – Aug 2016

What’s in the CDC’s Zika Prevention Kits, From Permethrin to Condoms Wired

The US congress has not provided money for the CDC to provide these kits. They are just recommendations

  • Standing Water Treatment Tablets
    A bacterial toxin specific to mosquito larva
    A pack of six costs around $10 and mosquito-proofs 100 square feet of water for 30 days.
  • Permethrin Spray
    “If a mosquito lands on permethrin-treated fabric and stays there, it will kill the mosquito,”
    “A 6.5 ounce can costs $6, and will treat two outfits for two weeks.”
  • Bed Net
    “If you’re in a lighted room at night and there’s a hungry Aedes aegypti mosquito around, it will still bite you,”
    “An inexpensive bed net costs $10 to $15.”
    Wikipedia ITNs ~2X effective as untreated nets, and >70% protection compared with no net.
  • Insect Repellant
    “Repellant basically hides you from the mosquito,”
    “They land on your skin and don’t realize it’s something they can feed on.”
    Note study was based on fruit flies, not mosquitoes
    “Repellents containing DEET, which last longer, usually run $6 to $10 a bottle.
       However, Your use of DEET probably INCREASES the spread of Zika – June 2016
  • Condoms

See also web

Condoms are just one of many ways to prevent getting pregnant

A Smarter Way to Compare Birth Control Methods Wired Oct 2016
review of http://www.iodine.com/birth-control


Prevalence of birth control Wikipedia

It appears that the delay by the US congress in funding Zika was due to amendment which would stop any of the money going to Planned Parenthood in Puerto Rico.
No One Knows Who Is Blocking US Funding For Zika Treatment Wired Sept 2016
Someone in congress, do not know who, did not want people in Puerto Rico to use contraception

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Stop Zika Birth Defects with Vitamin D book written by Vitamin D Life has the following:

Quick book summary

Take action ahead of time

Buy Vitamin D, Permethrin and Picaridin
Start taking vitamin 50,000 IU every two weeks (or 4,000 IU daily) (larger dose if obese, etc)
– First take single capsule and see if you get a rare mild allergic reaction in 3 days

When Zika is near you

Start using Permethrin on clothes (all US military combat uniforms have it)
Start using Picaridin (not DEET) on skin in morning and evening
Abstain from sex or else use condoms – for up to 6 months if partner has been infected
Take a Vitamin D loading dose over 2 weeks (unless you have had VitD for 3 months)
If suspect bitten, take at least 350,000 IU loading dose that day (unless had Vitamin D for 3 months)

Zika Facts

Zika: 1% of babies are Microcephalic (one study found 29% Microcephalic)
Zika: 30% of babies have Birth Defects (unclear % pregnancies with miscarriage, still birth)
80% of those bitten have no symptoms (an itch is not a symptom)
– Typically Zika symptoms are similar to flu, and last 2-7 days
Zika can come from blood transfusion – ALL US blood transfusions will be tested by Dec 2016
Zika in semen at 6+ months – probably still infectious
– Women have twice the male rate of Zika infection, probably due to sexual transmission
Zika primary mosquito is Aedes aegypti
Aedes aegypti eggs must be laid in a dry area and can hibernate for 1 year
Aedes aegypti live primarily indoors and in storm drains
Aedes aegypti primarily fly in morning and evening, not in middle of the day nor night
Tests detect Zika only in a narrow time frame – the 1-2 weeks after start of symptoms
Permethrin and Picaridin are very good ways to stop your getting and spreading Zika
– except in Puerto Rico where surviving mosquitoes have become immune to Permethrin

Found by at least one study, but not confirmed

Aerial spraying does very little good, and may actually make the mosquito problem worse
– Spraying kills mosquito larva eaters such as mosquito fish
– Spraying kills good insects as well (bees, butterflies)
– Spraying may reduce bird population (fewer insects to eat)
Zika might be spread by DEET (DEET caused lab mosquitoes to bite more people)
Zika might be passed on by tears or cornea transplant
Zika might be passed on by kissing – it is in saliva
Zika might be passed on by animals – Zika has been detected to sheep, cows, ducks, rodents, etc.
– so far no evidence that infection in animals is passed on to humans,
Zika might be passed on by mosquito larva – and appears many months later
– About 0.3% of larvae from Zika mosquitoes have Zika
Zika might degrade human memory after 2 years – Zika degraded the memory of adult mice
Aedes aegypti can actually fly up to 20 times further than the 100 yards stated by the CDC
– It seems pointless to protect your property unless most neighbors are also doing so.

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