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Spread of Zika Virus in Puerto Rico Accelerates – July 30, 2016

Wall Street Journal

  • “. . cases reported in 77 of 78 municipalities.”
  • “About 5.3% of pregnant women tested in June who had no Zika symptoms were found to have the virus . . “
  • . . “One case of congenital birth defects. . .two fetal deaths, two fetuses with brain damage, and several babies with stunted growth . . ”

CDC Update: Ongoing Zika Virus Transmission — Puerto Rico July 29

  • “Many persons with symptomatic Zika virus infection do not seek medical care or are not reported to public health officials, . . “
  • “A preliminary CDC evaluation of residual insecticide spraying indicates that adult mosquito populations in and around sprayed homes remained comparable to counts in and around unsprayed homes, probably as a result of movement of mosquitoes from nearby homes with breeding sources.”

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