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Sports spread Zika to Brazil, and the Olympics will spread Zika to the rest of the world

The epidemic strain of Zika was in French Polynesia in 2014.
Sports people (soccer or canoe) flew their Zika-infected blood into Brazil.
Mosquitos in Brazil bit them and became infected with Zika.
They have bitten and infected over a million people in the Western Hemisphere.
Thousands of Zika birth defects have resulted.
Over 500,000 people will fly out of Brazil after the Olympics in August.
Thousands will carry Zika-blood around the globe and be bitten by compatable mosquitos.


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Zika birth defects may be prevented by Vitamin D – May 2016

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Study recommends not canceling Olympics - June 2016

Based mainly on chart showing 5X - 10X reduction in Dengue during that time in previous years

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