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Learn how to reduce the risk of the dreaded virus Zika

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In this context, the neurologist, professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) , Dr. Cicero Coimbra, claims to be urgent dissemination of the benefits of vitamin D as a solid way to strengthen the body against the Zika virus and reduce the rich congenital malformations in fetuses.

Dr. Cicero is one of the leading scholars of the use of vitamin D for human health as a whole, provided the main scientific studies on the therapeutic action of this substance, it points out that it would be possible to reverse the logic that always governs the fight diseases transmitted by insects.

For the first time, instead of seeking the mosquito weakening, the strategy would be to strengthen the body of the population (so mistreated by modern and fragile life habits to receive the germs of all sorts).

For Zika virus, the action of vitamin D proves to be more accurate for two reasons.

1) Research published in the Journal of Clinical Virology points out that higher doses of vitamin D are the best and most effective regulator of the immune system of persons, which means that supplementation strengthens the body's defenses making milder infections.

2) At the same time, clinical research also show that, for pregnant women, supplementation of this vitamin also reduces the risk of congenital malformation in the fetus, increasing the healthy development of infants and without brain impairment.

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Includes a 26 minute video by Dr.Coimbra from Dec 2015 - in Portuguese which has been viewed 56,000 times

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