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1758 Overview Middle East and vitamin D 42307
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Middle East
2053 Review of Vitamin D Deficiencies in developing countries - Oct 2011 35843
08 Oct, 2017 12:56
admin Skin - Dark
Deficiency of Vitamin D
Middle East
4959 Vitamin D sachets in India – fewer than a third had the stated amount – Nov 2013 32267
16 May, 2019 14:18
admin Forms of Vitamin D
Middle East
Top news
5117 Middle East and Vitamin D 18296
05 Aug, 2020 12:30
admin Middle East
4750 Iran Multiple Sclerosis review finds huge increase in women (no mention of clothing) – Nov 2013 14830
10 Aug, 2014 11:51
admin Multiple Sclerosis
Middle East
5751 VPS Healthcare in Abu Dhabi invested million dollars in Vitamin D research - Sept 2014 13685
14 Sep, 2014 12:37
admin Middle East
2126 Osteoporosis increasing and vitamin D decreasing in Middle East - Oct 2011 13148
25 Dec, 2011 12:22
admin Osteoporosis
Middle East
1952 Military in hot climates and vitamin D deficiency - 2010 12481
11 Mar, 2014 10:33
admin Deficiency of Vitamin D
Bone - Health
Noontime sun and D
Middle East
741 Arab pre-term infants often have less than 10 ng of vitamin D - 2010 11572
25 Jun, 2012 22:17
admin Pregnancy
Middle East
2357 International Symposium on Vitamin D Deficiency - Abu Dhabi March 2012 10769
31 Mar, 2019 18:44
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  • Health Effects of Islamic Dress From WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam - 2017
    "There is concern among the medical community about some of the health effects of the extreme styles of Islamic dress, with the main issues arising from Vitamin D deficiency due to lack skin exposed to UV light. It has been established by credible scientific evidence that almost all women who observe the full hijab are chronically deficient in Vitamin D.[2] Vitamin D is a vital nutrient and deficiency of this kind can lead to various diseases."
  • "The concern is not only towards the woman who chooses to observe the more covering forms of Islamic dress but also towards any potenial children she may carry. Infants born to vitamin D deficient mothers have been found to suffer from an increased prevalence of seizures."
  • "Due to this reason, serious vitamin D deficiency is wide-spread in many Muslim majority countries. A study performed by doctors at King Fahd University Hospital in Saudi Arabia, showed that out of all 52 women tested, all had seriously deficient levels of Vitamin D and were at risk of many serious health problems, despite living in one of the sunniest places on the planet"
  • "According to The Economist magazine’s world rankings, the countries with the highest obesity rates among women are Muslim countries" (8 of the top 10)

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