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Half of the residents had COVID-19 antibodies, very few had symptoms

A slum in India (which has a lot of sunshine)
57% of slum-dwellers tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies CNN July 29
But only 0.05% of the slum-dwellers are dying of COVID-19.

Slum-dwellers cannot afford air conditioning, masks, cannot be socially distant
They are outdoors (in the sun) much more
Shacks are too hot to be in during the day, many have to leave their dwelling to use a shared toilet
Possible Reasons for fewer COVID-10 problems include

  1. They get more Vitamin D from the sun
  2. They have fewer seniors
  3. They have strong immune systems
  4. They have an excellent tracking system (which would not account for more antibodies)

Note: Other equatorial slums - Brazil, Nigeria - appear to also have few COVID-19 problems
Note: Unaware of Vitamin D studies of slum dwellers

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COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos as of July 29 included

  • 21 trials (generally treatment, not prevention), +10 observational studies, +7 recommendations,
  • +34 associations, +58 speculations, +20 videos

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