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Zika microcephaly risk may be 5 percent in first trimester – May 2016

Estimates for just microcephaly range from 1% to 13%

And, Microcephaly might be just the tip of the iceberg
Many more birth defects which are not as severe

Not clear after a brief read

  1. Did all of the women have symptoms, or were some asymtomatic?
  2. Was the microcephaly determed at live birth (vs abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth)

If a Pregnant Woman Gets Zika, What's the Risk of Microcephaly for the Baby? The Atlantic

  • “. . .CDC calculated that if a woman is infected in her first trimester, there is between a 1 and 13 percent chance of her fetus developing microcephaly.”
  • 1% "“, , , is based on the assumption that the Zika infection rate in Bahia’s population is 80 percent and that half the cases of microcephaly reported are false. “
  • 13% “. . presumes a 10 percent infection rate and that every case reported is true.”

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